Forest Strategy Group Scheme

Forest and tree growers may wish to have their forests certified as environmentally and responsibily well managed by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). Certification of group schemes is possible whereby small growers can team together to have their collective forests certified to this internationally recognised scheme. Half a million hectares of plantations and forests in Australia have been certified to the FSC® standard.

The advantages of certification are that growers, processors, retailers and ultimately consumers are assured that the timber they use has come from well managed forests where the environmental and social issues have been properly considered. Certification is the main tool being used to combat illegal logging around the world.

The advantages of a group scheme are that small growers can share the costs of certification and better economies of scale in management and marketing can be achieved. Marketing certified wood has advantages as more and more processors retailers and specifiers demand timber with the best environmental credentials.

Forest Strategy Group Scheme is certified by SA Woodmark and is offering membership in a group scheme for small forest growers in Australia. Any forest or plantation type can be included in the group scheme. However, right now they are particularly interested in growers with mature sugar gum plantations in Western Victoria who are willing to be audited as strong markets exist for this timber.

Attractive sponsored packages are on offer for the early members of the group scheme with sugar gum plantations or windbreaks. Good prices are offered for the timbers harvested. The group has established markets for sawlogs, fencing timbers and firewood. The timber prices for these markets combined can be 75% higher than the prices for firewood alone.

Group scheme forests and plantations are managed to a tailored management plan that ensures environmental standards are met and social concerns of the neighbours and communities are considered.

If you:

  • want to have the performance of your forests and plantations tested against world class environmental standards and:
  • want to take advantage of the strong market demand for sugar gum sawlogs then:

Contact Gary Featherston, Group Manager and Registered Professional Forester, at or 03 9470 3391 or 0428 408 144.

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