Project List

The projects successfully completed by the Forest Strategy consultant include:

VicForests Establishment

Worked on the team that established a state corporation to manage the sale and supply of native forest timbers including the resource transfer and a pricing and allocation model.

Victorian Association of Forest Industries

The client was provided strategic advice about the issues resulting from an open and competitive sales system consistent with the Government's policy.

Sealed Bid Auctions

Project managed three sequential sealed bid auctions for VicForests. Completed the sales with good catalogue clearance in a softening market. High standard of probity achieved.

Department of Sustainability and Environment

An agreement was drafted for the sharing of roading costs between the Department and VicForests for the use and maintenance of the forest road network.

George Morgan Sawmills

The client was represented at a meeting with VicForests to discuss and determine the client's position in relation to participating in forth coming auctions.

Sustainable Forest Management Plan

Researched and prepared a Sustainable Forest Management Plan for VicForests to comply with the Australian Forestry Standard. Defined and described the forest estate and support justification for key silvicultural activities and harvesting rates.

JL Goulds Sawmills

A comprehensive report and database was prepared for the client that contained forecasts of the timber resources that will become available from the Allocation Order that was issued to VicForests.

Department of Sustainability and Environment

A rapid review of the Fire Accreditation Manuals was completed for the client. The review looked at the consistency between the competency standards for Basic Fire Fighter and Operations Officers, and the format of the standard.

Black Forests Sawmills

An investigation and reporting on the availability of tropical hardwood timbers and the logistics of transporting them to Victoria.