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Certification Services

The Forest Strategy consultant has extensive experience with the forest certification schemes that apply in Australia. This experience includes the drafting of the revised Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management in 2013. The company has a Chain of Custody system that is compliant to two relevant standards that can be installed into a client's business seeking certification. It also runs a group scheme available to small businesses. These experiences make Forest Strategy the pre-emanate source of advice to the forest and timber industries on certification in the Australian context.

Local Government Planning

Local Government planning is a minefield. Don't face it alone. We have extensive experience with the planning schemes in Victoria. We have succesfully obtained planning permits and lodged Timber Harvesting Plans and Plantation Development Notices. The Native Vegetation regulations have recently changed for the better in Victoria and it is now more likely to be able to conduct Native Forest timber production.

Sales and Marketing of Timber

The Forest Strategy consultant has managed the sales for all Victorian hardwood timber for the Department of Sustainability and Environment and for a short period for VicForests. This included the design of the proposed new pricing and allocation system and the contract material that will form the basis of future sales. He has also arranged and managed major harvesting contracts for the Tambo and East Gippsland Forest Management Areas. The largest of these contracts was for about 500,000 m3 of timber products each year. These skill sets can be used to arrange and manage the sales and purchase programs for all forest growers and timber processors..

Native Forest Management

Native forests provide many and varied benefits for society and the forest owner. Our consultant has extensive experience in multiple use planning for native forest including fire management. He has intimately involved in the development of the East Gippsland Regional Forest Agreement including the satisfaction of extensive biodiversity and conservation targets.

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